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Heart of America Expo
 Call us at: 918-331-7575
Donor Form
(Please include the center page "DONATION FORM" with your cattle entries or print and send to Trisha or Ann. Also keep a copy for your records.)
Volunteer Form
(Please include the center page "VOLUNTEER FORM" with your cattle entries or print and send to Trisha or Ann.)
Dear Brown Swiss Friends

We depend on the generosity of many each year and would greatly appreciate your donation in any amount.

As a sponsor, you will receive recognition in the Cattle Log (ringside program) and Banquet program. A representative from your group is encouraged to present the award. Please have the person presenting the award notify the awards coordinator and be present in the ring immediately following the class for the presentation and the pictures.

We would also encourage you to print "Heart of America Expo, Southwestern Brown Swiss National Sponsor" on your ads in the Bulletin, at the show and elsewhere.

Please know that your support of the Southwestern National Brown Swiss Show and the dairy industry is very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Trisha Cobb - Treasurer
SW National Brown Swiss Show
370487 East 750 Road
Perkins OK 74059
Alfalfa Hay - $13/bale
Beet Pulp - $17/bag
Sweet Feed - $13/bag
Shavings - $6/bag
Straw - $6.50/bale
Brome Orchard Grass Hay - $12/bale

To pre-order, send an email to
(only delivers to end of aisles)

Have questions? Call Jones @ 918-520-1822.
As you may know, we rely on several WONDERFUL volunteers each year to produce such a great show! And many of you have asked how you can help. So, here are a few of the areas where we could use your help this year.

Don't know yet when you can help - no problem. A poster will be near the Expo Hall office, you can sigh up when you arrive.

We sincerely appreciate YOU and hope we have not left anyone off the list. If we did, please let Ann Bottoms or Trisha Cobb know.


Ella Bauer / Sherry Chapman / Abe & Katrina Cobb
Ben Cobb / Galen Conner / Nate Goldenberg
Bobby Griggs / Dakota Herrera / David Jones
Ashley Myers / Steve Pope / Billy Reedy
Clint Silvers / Leeann Van der Laan / Ed Wittorff
Online form is a pdf you may print and mail in. To request the excel version, email We cannot accept credit cards - please send checks or mail orders to:

Ann Bottoms
13350 NS 411 Rd
Delaware OK 74027-1098

Email Late Entries: September 15-October 4: Mail late fees $70 / animal
Email Extra Late Entries: October 5-13: pay late fees $150 / animal at check-in.
Annual Heart of America Southwestern National Chili Cook-Off, Wednesday, October 13, 2021. Complete the form and send to Ann at by noon Tuesday 12, 2021. See staff in the office before entering your entry. Winner announced at the banquet Friday night.