2019 Heart of America Sale Catalog        

2019 Heart of America SWNBSS Catalog

2019 Schedule of Events

Tuesday, October 15                                                                                                                             
 8:00 am           Arrival of Sale Cattle

Wednesday, October 16
​ 5:00 pm           All cattle in place
 6:30 pm           Complimentary Dinner
 7:00 pm           Cut-off time for checking in all cattle
 7:30 pm           Exhibitors Meeting

Thursday, October 17
  8:00 am          Complimentary Breakfast at Expo Hall
10:00 am          Check tattoo numbers and health papers
11:30 am          Bring Chili entries & donations to Expo Hall
12:00 noon       9th Annual Chili Cook-off
                         All exhibitors and guests invited to participate
 2:00 pm          Trade and Craft vendors set up in Expo Hall
 2:00 pm          PLEASE bring donated items for auction
 4:00 pm          Junior's  Silent Auction Begins 
 5:00 pm          Sale Cattle preview
 7:00 pm          Junior's Silent Auction Ends
                         Pizza Dinner in Expo Hall
                         Compliments of Midwest Dairy Association
 7:00 pm           Fun Auction in Expo Hall                             

Friday, October 18
 8:00 am           Complimentary Breakfast at Expo Hall
11:00 am          Heart of America Sale begins in Coliseum
                          Heart of America concession open
 4:00 pm           Tag Sale Ends
 5:30 pm           Show entries for sale animals close
 6:00 pm           Banquet program at Expo Hall

Saturday, October 19
 6:00 am          Complimentary "Come and Go" Breakfast in arena
 7:30 am          Junior exhibitors’ Showmanship classes
10:00 am         Southwestern National Brown Swiss Show begins
12:00 noon      Heart of America concession open
 1:00 pm          Fall Yearling in Milk Class begins
                        Premier Breeder and Exhibitor will be announced
                        approximately 30 minutes after the show ends
 5:00 pm         Trade & Craft vendors close  
 5:00 pm         Cattle will be released

Sunday, October 20           
12:00 noon    All cattle must be out of the barns

2019 Heart of America Brown Swiss Sale Information

Brown Swiss Association

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Volunteer Executive Board and
SWNBSS Volunteer Committee Members 

Heidi Roulet - President
email: Heidi.Roulet@gmail.com

Jones Smith - Vice President
email: raising5farm@gmail.com

Bridgette Smith - Secretary
email: raising5farm@gmail.com

Trish Cobb – Treasurer 

Ann Bottoms – Show Superintendent    
email: hoaexpo@yahoo.com

Darlene Lair – Awards Coordinator, 
Decorations and Shirts
email: melbre57@yahoo.com 

Missy Husted - Head of Kitchen
Wilda Reedy - Assistant Superintendent
Melanie Davis - Vendor Coordinator
Bridgette Smith - Junior Coordinator
Sandy Pope - Decorations
Abbi Goldenberg - New Donations Coordinator
Delaina Goforth - Website Coordinator
Ben and Tena Cobb - Members
Janel Wailes - Member
Regina Herrera - Member

ATTENTION: To ensure we prepare enough food, pick up your free tickets by Thursday morning.  
Thank You!

In 2007 a new award was created by the Heart of America Expo Committee to honor a long time Brown Swiss owner and exhibitor in the southwest area.  The Waldo Inns Memorial Trophy was created to recognize those who exemplified the ability, character, friendliness, stewardship and sportsmanship practiced by Waldo Inns.

Recipients of the award include:

2018 - Ben Cobb
2017 - Karla Grimm
2016 - Ann Bottoms
2015 - Darlene Lair
2014 - Heidi Roulet
​2013 - Mike Moyers
2012 - Mike Overstreet
2011 - Bill Allan
2010 - Clifford Nisly
2009 - Wanita Schrag
​2008 - Tena Cobb
​2007 - Trish Cobb
The Southwestern Breeders Cup will be awarded to the Grand Champion Female of the show.  Inscribed on the trophy are the names of the Foundation Brown Swiss Breeders.  These Breeders, some who are no longer with us, were instrumental in the progression of the Brown Swiss breed in the surrounding states.  Each year there will be names added to the trophy.  If you have suggestions, please let us know. Click on Foundation Breeders to view the booklet.